Lotus Notes Can’t Make the Cut for Olympus


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With Kissflow, I got used to developing the processes very fast and the support given was very helpful.

Griselda Juve

Like many established brands, Olympus ES used Lotus Notes to piece together workflows. And, like those same companies, they found it lacking when it came to bringing those processes to the modern world.

Olympus ES was modernizing its operations and it needed something as cutting edge as their cameras. Lotus Notes was simply “not enough”. The interface was archaic, the technology was old, and it required a team of skilled IT professionals to pull off even a small change in the application. The teams at Olympus ES struggled to link database to spreadsheet in Lotus Notes and they had to resort to emails to handle processes which often led to a cluttered mess.

They needed a better workflow tool – something modern, intuitive, and self-managed. Olympus ES required a simple BPM system that they could turn over to their business heads who would be able to create and monitor automated processes on their own.

They first tried Bonitasoft and ProcessMaker. However, both of these products needed IT knowledge to incorporate new workflows and deal with errors. While the interface and technology was an upgrade from Lotus Notes, neither of them solve the problem of being intuitive enough for non-technical users.

That’s when they found Kissflow. The interface was like a dream compared to Lotus Notes, and the technology was a huge upgrade. Griselda Juve was one of the early testers of Kissflow. “I got used to developing processes very fast and the support given was very helpful.”

Olympus ES transitioned many of their processes from Lotus Notes to Kissflow, including purchasing processes, RMAs, demo requests, and offering discounts. The ability to add attachments to any item, reassign tasks midstream, and modify data were the big selling points for Olympus ES.

“Some of these processes took ages to complete when we were using Lotus Notes and email,” Griselda said. “Now, in addition to greatly increased speed, our processes are more organized and we have more control over our money.”

Are you looking for a Lotus Notes alternative? Stuck handling processes with emails and spreadsheets? Check out Kissflow and see how you can bring the power of automation to all of your business users!

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