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The benefit of tracking processes inside Kissflow sealed the deal for us.

NQ Dry Tropics

We wish we designed Kissflow to save the planet and not just help you automate office chores. While we are experts at workflows, when it comes to saving the planet it’s better when left to experts like NQ Dry Tropics. NQ Dry Tropics is the leading natural resource management body for the Burdekin Dry Tropics region in North Eastern Australia. A not-for-profit private company committed to sustaining the region’s resources, NQ Dry Tropics brings together the aspirations of communities, industries and government and identifies the priorities for land and water management

Every organisation has to keep tab on its expenses to stay in good health. Keeping track of expenditure is highly essential as it helps the organisation plan financial strategies for achieving its goals, if you are not-for-profit then it is all the more important. We spoke to Doug who heads IT for NQ Dry Tropics who started off with expense tracking using Kissflow and has now automated many other internal process approvals following that.

Expense Tracking:

As an organisation grows big, in terms of the projects it handles, it becomes tough to track expenditure. The finance team in the organisation has to make sure that each project receives and spends only what the project deserves. To keep track of expenditure, organisations bring in approval systems wherein a senior authority approves or rejects the spend depending on the necessity.

Purchases, in almost all organisations, form a major chunk of the expenditure and to keep a check on the spend, organisations introduce purchase requisition approval processes. Usually approval processes involve exchange of multiple mails between requestors and approvers. Even though a set approval process may exist, keeping track of the multitudes of e-mails and papers seeking approvals would be impossible and the whole process may just fall out of place.

The better way to do it:

Doug Willis, IT Manager at NQ Dry Tropics, wanted a workflow tool to automate Purchase Requisition processes. Having adopted Google Apps for his organisational needs, he was on the lookout for a solution which seamlessly integrated with the Google Apps Suite. After evaluating few options, the ease of setting up business processes and ability to track them effortlessly made Kissflow the preferred solution.

Doug holds a whole lot of experience in the IT field, we are grateful for his insights into our product. We are glad to have helped NQ Dry Tropics automate their business processes through Kissflow and happy to assist NQ Dry Tropics in saving the planet. 🙂


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