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Damamax is a medium-sized telecommunications company that provides high-speed fiber internet and hosting services for SMBs in Jordan.

Most of Damamax’s operational requests are routine: setting up direct internet access, Digital Powerline processes, and FTTP processes. They had been handling most of these services with internal IT systems, but employees soon began to request more complex workflows features that were not possible to incorporate. The lagging systems soon became a big headache and Damamax needed something quick to fix it. “We needed something cloud-based that was easy to use.”

Damamax set off looking for a BPM solution for workflow systems. They trialed a larger enterprise solution, but found it extremely expensive and complicated for the average user. “I quit using it before the evaluation period stopped.”

“My COO immediately saw the value.”

Damamax found Kissflow online and it had all the features they were looking for. They signed up for a free trial and immediately knew they had found the answer. “Productivity has increased immensely, and now we can control the processes we have to handle.” Damamax’s COO quickly saw how valuable Kissflow was to their productivity and also to the reports it generated. He now had access to data that he didn’t know it was possible.

Damamax loves using customizable forms and the fact that anyone with basic computer skills can design a workflow and immediately see the result. Having all their data in a central place gives Damamax a clear view on how to improve productivity. This kind of information had been missing for several years and now they can take action on it. “It is amazing.”

More Chaos Killing…

Damamax has expanded their workflow automation beyond operations to purchase requests, sales leads, and HR functions like leave requests. Many of these functions are 100% automated and they are eager to find more ways to improve productivity around their office.

We are proud to partner with Damamax as they find new ways to kick chaos to the curb in their industry and provide fantastic service.

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