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I designed it, tested it, and had it ready in a week. The platform is simple and highly intuitive, so anyone can use it.

Ajit Singh, Chief Product Manager

CaratLane, India’s largest online jewelry retailer, has faced enormous growth in the past few years. To operate their new offices and warehouses all over the country, their teams need to be in constant communication with each other so customer needs are not only met, but are exceeded to retain customer loyalty and trust.

Their teams needed one solution to solve warehousing, quality checks, accounts, and customer service. Although the first idea was to approach CaratLane’s in-house IT team, chief product manager Ajit Singh understood the situation better.

To put this in the hands of the in-house IT team would mean the process could take months to come to fruition. They didn’t have months–they needed something now.

One idea was to go with a comprehensive packaged solution. However, such solutions typically didn’t have the unique features and customizations CaratLane needed.

The next best thing was to use a no-code development platform to create the applications he needed. Here, Ajit didn’t have to worry about turning to IT, since no-code platforms were designed to cater to people who had no prior exposure to coding and programming.

He would have to become a citizen developer: a business user who can create applications without coding knowledge or experience.

Ajit chose Kissflow, a workflow automation and business process management platform. It enabled him to create the business applications he needed to do everything he wanted. As Ajit said, “Developers in an organization are scarce. It’s better to manage things ourselves, especially if we have short timelines.”

He used Kissflow to create the applications he needed. “I designed it, tested it and had it ready in a week. The platform is simple and highly intuitive, so anyone can use it.”

With Kissflow’s no-code development platform, Ajit Singh was able to create all the applications he needed for warehousing, quality checks, accounting, and customer service. And he was able to do it all in a span of days, instead of the months it would otherwise have taken with hand coding and IT involvement.

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