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5 Free Project Scheduling Tools to Try Out in 2022

There are several project management scheduling software tools out there for you to choose from. The following are some of the most notable ones currently available on the market.


In an ideal world, there would be an infinite amount of time available for workers to complete required tasks. However, this utopia is far from reality as all projects have to follow a strict deadline for completion.

Project scheduling tools help you ensure that a project is executed in time which is easier said than done. Project managers have to juggle multiple variables and adopt a proactive approach to handle challenges or concerns. They also have to ensure that task completion is done to set standards and that all dependencies are addressed for a critical task.

Without a detailed project schedule, the project manager’s job would become infinitely harder.

1. Kissflow Project

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Kissflow Project is a premium scheduling tool for project management that allows project managers to take a proactive rather than corrective approach. Its intuitive system allows for seamless collaboration and offers unparalleled visibility into every task. Everything that an unofficial project manager might need to monitor, control, and schedule projects as accurately as possible are available within the platform.

It’s an ideal project scheduling software for any business dealing with dynamic tasks and it utilizes effective visuals to convey important information.


Some of the highlights of Kissflow Project are:

  • Multiple visualization options
  • Workflow automation and customization
  • Simplicity of use
  • Advanced reporting

Kissflow Project offers several pricing plans to get you started:

  • Free–limited functionality is available for up to 3 users.
  • Starter ($45/month) – The starter option allows 5 parallel projects and 5 users. Adding users costs $5 each.
  • Professional ($75/month) – Comes equipped with several advanced project management features such as reporting and analytics. Available for 5 users but additional users can be added for $10 each.
  • Enterprise (Custom) – Every feature is customizable. Pay only for what you need and use.

2. Workflowmax

Workflowmax can be your primary choice as a project scheduling software. It comes loaded with several tools that work together seamlessly to allow teams to efficiently manage and execute a project.

Workflowmax is notable for the transparency and visibility it offers. It allows project managers to get updated information in real-time and gives team members a complete picture of the overall project. its powerful reporting function allows Workflowmax to offer integral insights for scheduling and lets managers approach projects proactively.


Notable features of Workflowmax include the following

  • Timesheets and time tracking
  • Project management tools
  • Business insights

Workflowmax offers pricing plans based on the number of users for both standard and premium packs. Users for both can be from 1 to 100.

  • Standard (Price based on the number of users) – includes several standard features such as timesheets, reporting, and includes a mobile app.
  • Premium (Price based on the number of users) – Includes additional features such as productivity reports, recurring invoices, etc.

3. Liquid Planner

Liquid Planner is another exceptional project management scheduling tool that’s worth your notice. It comes packed with several powerful tools and offers everything that a project manager could need to manage, monitor, and schedule a project.


Liquid Planner includes several functions and features that make it well worth your money. The software includes a customizable task management interface and allows users to switch from Gantt Charts to Kanban cards effortlessly. It has a well-developed resource management system and provides indispensable insights for accurate scheduling.

  • Priority-based scheduling
  • Time tracking
  • Built-in collaboration


The following are the pricing plans that Liquid Planner offers:

  • Free – Includes core planning intelligence features for up to 10 users only. The maximum task capacity is 300 and 3 parallel projects are allowed.
  • Essential ($15/month/user) – Suitable for medium-scale businesses. Offers 5000 maximum tasks and 50 projects at a time.
  • Professional ($25/month/user) – Includes more advanced features that offer greater control over all aspects of projects. Maximum number of projects allowed is 500 while maximum tasks allowed is 50,000.
  • Ultimate (Custom) – Ultimate version of Liquid planner. The ultimate suite comes equipped with several advanced features and has no usage limit.

4. Toggl Plan

Toggl Plan is a project scheduling software tool that focuses on making the process of planning and managing a project easier. By letting project managers place all critical information on a single platform, Toggl Plan encourages collaboration between all relevant stakeholders in a project.

The most notable feature of Toggl Plan is its relatively cheap pricing as well as its highly optimized user interference. It simplifies all operations so users can easily interact and create new schedules even if they have no technical background. The software is one of the best choices available for small businesses and new project managers. If your team consists of 5 people or less, you can simply use Toggl Plan for free!


Key features include

  • Gantt charts
  • Clearly defined project timelines
  • Notifications and milestone reports
  • Visualization of information

Toggl Plan offers the following options:

  • Free – Ideal for small businesses. A compact software suite that offers several features for no charge. 5 or fewer users allowed.
  • Starter ($9/user/month) – Includes more advanced reporting and scheduling features.
  • Professional ($18/user/month) – Allows users to manage multiple projects. The professional suite includes advanced reporting, a project dashboard, and other notable features.
  • Enterprise (Custom) – Includes all features on premium plans along with unique solutions to encourage and improve productivity.

5. Celoxis

Celoxis is a well-known name in the world of project management for a reason. This project scheduling software packs the ability to deliver powerful planning and scheduling tools that are ideal for scheduling long-term complex projects.

Celoxis comes equipped with highly responsive Gantt charts that provide maximum flexibility to the project manager. Its automatic scheduling feature can adjust to real-time changes and the software can handle multiple tasks, sub-tasks, etc. Overall, Celoxis is a powerful and robust software that combines multiple tools and features to provide users with an accurate and visually engaging project schedule.


Key Features of Celoxis include:

  • Automatic Scheduling based on an intuitive software
  • Multi-project Gantt charts
  • Project planning and tracking tools
  • Resource management
  • Project reports and insights

Celoxis offers the following pricing plans

  • Cloud ($22.5/user/month) – Access to all features, free support, clients, and guest users.
  • On-premise ($450 – one-time charge) – All Celoxis features with 1-year free support.

Why do you need a project scheduling tool

Project scheduling is one of the most fundamental steps that a project manager needs to undertake to ensure the smooth completion of tasks. It’s documented and includes all critical information regarding a project and provides a roadmap to follow and guide all members of a team. A project schedule considers all the tasks required, dependencies, their starting and finishing time and so much more.

The project scheduling tool allows project managers to have a comprehensive tool to monitor, plan, and control the progress of a project. It allows project managers to utilize a visual space to identify dependencies, prevent bottlenecks, and create a platform where team members can effectively collaborate.

Utilizing several tools such as Kanban and Gantt Charts, scheduling software equip managers to effectively accomplish all project requirements. Moreover, scheduling software allows managers to identify opportunities or threats that they can take appropriate steps to deal with by clearly visualizing workflows and specifying any outlier or exemption.

Features to look for in a project scheduling software

If you search online, you’ll find several project scheduling software available for you to choose from. But, regardless of your choice, there are some hallmarks that every good scheduling software must-have. Some of the most important ones are listed below.

  • Time management
  • Focus on collaboration
  • Task management
  • Utilization of visual tools
  • Forecasting and budgeting

Final Thoughts

Projects include dynamic tasks and project managers have to succeed against several volatile variables. If not handled properly, these challenges can have disastrous consequences on the overall project process. A detailed project schedule is a must-have to face these challenges and utilize all resources available to achieve business objectives efficiently.

Using the right project scheduling software, you can utilize several tools to better plan and manage your project.

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