Sales Pipeline Template

Track incoming deals, estimate revenue, track sales rep productivity, and plan out your sales machine in advance. Hit your sales and revenue targets with a simpler sales pipeline.
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When should I use the sales pipeline template?

Use the sales pipeline template to track your deals from the first touch until they’re closed. Use it to help you manage deals as they move through the following stages:

  • New opportunity
  • Contacting stage
  • Engaging stage
  • Qualified leads
  • Custom stages
  • Closing
  • Won/Lost

What should I look for in a sales pipeline tool?

A sales pipeline serves as a central dashboard where you and your team can track leads as they flow in, all the way until deals are done.

As such, a good sales pipeline should help you:

  • Manage every deal that comes in via all your acquisition channels (ads, organic, etc.)
  • Share information with other stakeholders
  • Filter down deals with variables such as deal stage, value, etc.
  • Communicate with team members by assigning notes, tasks, and to-dos on specific leads
  • Generate reports on deals at each stage including how they’re progressing

A sales pipeline offers a tracking mechanism for you to manage deals individually and still keep an eye on the big picture.

Sales Pipeline Template
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How do I use the sales pipeline template within Kissflow Project?

Using Kissflow Project, you can get started managing your sales pipeline in just a few clicks.
Select sales pipeline template from within our wide offering of sales templates.
Enter your action items, and create a custom plan to suit your specific needs.
Manage a winning sales machine with Kissflow Project's Sales Pipeline Template magic.

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