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The sales funnel template maps out your potential customer’s journey. You can use its insights to convert prospects into leads and, eventually, into paying customers.
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When should I use the sales funnel template?

A sales funnel template is a useful tool in marketing as it helps you visualize the customer’s buying journey—from the first time they think about buying a product or service to the point where they find your business. It provides a useful framework for analyzing your business and identifying areas for improvement.

When should you use a sales funnel template?

  • When you want to simplify marketing
  • To get more accurate sales forecasts
  • To improve conversion rates
  • To track sales performance
  • To increase company revenue

What should I look for in a sales funnel?

A sales funnel helps bring your potential customer closer to your product or service. It also shows the impact of different marketing mediums—like videos, automated emails, landing pages, and articles. A sales funnel template helps you create a visual representation of the various sales stages.

This is what a good sales funnel template should do:

  • Help you to understand and visualize the sales process
  • Help measure the overall conversion success on each step of the funnel.
  • Help you understand what your potential customers are doing throughout the buying journey
  • Help you know the weak points in your marketing strategies
Sales Funnel Template
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How do I use the sales funnel template within Kissflow Project?

To create a sales funnel using our template, click on the button below and sign into your Kissflow account.
Select the sales funnel template from among Kissflow Project’s Sales templates.
Add tasks according to their priority and create a customized sales funnel.
Assign team members tasks and follow the progress.

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