Quarterly Business Review Template

Review customers’ satisfaction and plan how to amplify value. Assess strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to their businesses and plan for future value offerings.
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When should I use the quarterly business review template?

Quarterly business reviews are an ideal opportunity to understand how to drive your business forward.

During a QBR, you lay back, listen, and get customers’ perspectives on what’s working and what’s not. This helps you determine how to offer value, delight your customers, and build a more sustainable business.

A QBR helps you manage all that. The QBR template gives you a battle plan you can use every time to understand your customers’ experiences and offer more value in the future.

This quarterly business review template comes in handy with:

  • Quarterly action plans
  • Quarterly release plans
  • Quarterly SWOT meetings
  • Marketing QBRs
  • Sales QBRs
  • Customer success QBRs

Ultimately, a quarterly business review empowers you to gauge what you’ve been able to achieve over the previous quarter so you can double down on whatever worked well and adjust your strategy to fix what didn’t.

What should I look for in a quarterly business review template?

A quarterly business review template is essentially a planner that shows you how it’s done. There, you have a snapshot of questions to ask, and how to pilot your sessions to get your customers’ part of the story. And that’s what helps you to build up better and offer more value.

A good quarterly business review template should help you:

  • Plan out questions and a line of discussion for your sessions
  • Engage customers and understand their viewpoint
  • Bring data into your reviews and analyze based on historical performance
  • Get a snapshot of performance for you and your customers to analyze
  • Take notes on what to fix for the future

A quarterly business review template should serve as an improvement plan so you can outline what to improve in the future.

Quarterly Business Review Template
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How do I use the quarterly business review template within Kissflow Project?

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