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Have more effective meetings by planning them well in advance. Assign action items, plan topics, and always reach consensus whenever you meet with your team.
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When should I use the meeting agenda template?

Use the meeting agenda template to define the agenda and give every meeting a direction before starting. A meeting agenda template will guide you and your team’s focus toward your to-dos from start to finish.

This template will be useful in creating:

  • Retrospective meeting agendas
  • Daily scrum agendas
  • Quarterly meeting plans
  • Project kickoff meeting agendas
  • Status meeting agendas
  • Stakeholder meeting agendas
  • Change control meeting agendas
  • Project roundup meeting agendas

A meeting agenda template serves as a guideline you can follow to manage meetings within your team or the larger organization.

What should I look for in a meeting agenda?

A meeting agenda is simply a master plan that tells you what to do first, next, and generally is an outline of how your meeting should run. In essence, a meeting agenda should empower you to plan your meetings to ensure you achieve definite goals throughout the time you meet.

A good meeting agenda should help you:

  • Outline all your targets, discussion points, and objectives for the meeting at hand
  • Assign tasks for team members to take responsibility for the meeting
  • Maintain a 360-degree overview of the objectives you’ve outlined for your meeting and track as each one is crossed off
  • Record retrospective data detailing the outcomes of the meeting and any action items agreed on during the meeting

If you head or work in a team, a meeting agenda will serve as an indispensable guide to planning and having more effective meetings, giving you an executive assistant to provide direction for every meeting.

Meeting Agenda Template
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