Product Backlog Template

Streamline your product development process, avoid conflicts, and keep stakeholders happy with the product backlog template. It’s beautiful, intuitive, and can make a difference!
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A brief overview of product backlogs

A product backlog is simply a prioritized list of all the functions or features you want to add to the final product. It is a great management tool that allows you to plan, manage, and order tasks according to their importance.

Whether it’s software or any other product, chances are slim that a team is only working on a single project. All team members have different ideas that pop up during discussions and planning sessions. A product backlog allows team members to compile everything related to a particular project in one location, so everyone knows what to work on and when.

What are the benefits of using this template?

A product backlog is an essential tool that can help you improve your team’s performance.

Here’s why you should use the product backlog template:

  • It gives you countless pre-made options to choose from and save time
  • It lets you import/export data when required in only a few clicks
  • It let you categorize your action items and use the search feature if the backlog is too extensive
  • It lets you share the product backlog with remote teams and collaborate efficiently
Product Backlog Template
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Get started with Kissflow’s product backlog template

Get started with the product backlog template by following the simple steps below.
Scroll through the plethora of pre-made template designs and choose your favorite.
Add relevant data, tweak the design as required, and you are good to go!
Congrats! Your product backlog is ready. Share with your team and get started.

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