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Use our marketing strategy template to help plan increased exposure of your business’s offerings and amplify your organization’s revenue.
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When should I use the marketing strategy template?

A marketing strategy template offers you a copy-and-paste model you can get started with right away. Instead of juggling dozens of spreadsheets and having dozens of meetings with stakeholders to iron out issues, a marketing strategy template gives you and your marketing team a roadmap to follow to plan winning marketing campaigns and boost business volume.

Our marketing strategy template can come in handy when you’re planning any of the campaigns listed below:

  • a product launch
  • social media marketing
  • web content marketing
  • email marketing
  • video marketing
  • podcasting
  • webinars
  • guest content planning

Instead of blindly writing blog posts or posting dozens of times weekly on Instagram, a well-planned marketing strategy can help you plan and execute in an orderly, manageable, and trackable manner.

What should I include in an ideal marketing strategy?

A good marketing strategy should first of all be just that—a strategy. It shouldn’t go into details about what to create and what not to, but rather offer a general overview of what it takes to achieve your marketing goals.

Likewise, an ideal marketing strategy should help you:

  • Organize ideas and segment them into planned, ongoing, and completed
  • Involve stakeholders at every stage of the planning process
  • Plan for and allocate resources
  • Plan against a timeline to keep your team time-conscious
  • Measure your outcomes and revise for better results

Get started with Kissflow’s marketing strategy template and start planning for marketing awesomeness —without a dozen spreadsheets open across your desktop.

Marketing Strategy Template
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How do I use the Marketing Strategy template within Kissflow Project?

Using Kissflow Project's marketing strategy template is as easy as clicking on the button below and signing into your Kissflow account.
Select the marketing strategy template from among Kissflow Project’s marketing templates.
Enter your action items, order them by priority, and create a plan to suit your specific needs.
Assign teammates to action items and stay aware of progress at every point.

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