Editorial Calendar Template

An editorial calendar helps you plan content projects in advance, manage the assets for executing on them, and tracking them until project completion.
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When should I use the editorial calendar template?

An editorial calendar helps you plan content projects in advance, manage the assets for executing on them, and tracking them until completion.

Using an editorial calendar brings clarity into your content planning so you can rinse and repeat every time.

This template will be useful in creating:

  • Social media calendars
  • Blog content calendars
  • Infographics calendars
  • Guest content calendars

An editorial calendar helps you plan out ideas, develop them, collaborate on them with your team by your side, and track the data that matters to you with clarity.

What should I look for in an editorial calendar?

An editorial calendar is, in its simplest form, a planning tool.

As such, it should empower you to outline resources, plan ideas and develop, publish, and promote new content consistently.

An editorial calendar helps you build a content creation and publishing cadence that’ll empower you to achieve your content marketing goals.

A good editorial calendar should help you:

  • Plan your editorial content ideas in one place—briefs, drafts, and content assets alike
  • Create and assign tasks to your team members; track progress on action items
  • Communicate and collaborate with team members using tools like chat and @mentions to build context
  • Track tasks and get a big picture overview of your content pipeline; visualize and manage tasks through the on hold, ongoing, and completed stages
  • Interact with single assets closely: add notes, briefs, etc. to add more context to individual content assets
  • Share assets like attachments, media files, and documents over your editorial calendar tool
  • Generate reports based on variables like collaborators, content types, dates, attachments, etc.

An editorial calendar saves you from having to reinvent the wheel; using an established pattern, you can get started, planning, creating, and promoting content with minimal friction.

Editorial Calendar Template
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How do I use the editorial calendar template within Kissflow Project?

Using Kissflow Project’s editorial calendar template is as easy as clicking on the button below and signing into your Kissflow account.
Select the editorial calendar template from among Kissflow Project’s Marketing templates.
Edit to your taste. Invite collaborators, create tasks, plan ideas, and to-dos right away.
Get started creating great content with our editorial calendar that makes it all work.

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