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A simple content strategy plan template creates a big picture image of how you can manage and handle the entire content marketing process and get your envisioned results.
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Why do I need a content strategy template?

It is quite difficult to get effective traction if your content is all over the place. A content strategy template can help you create a proper strategy and make an actual difference. Some of the main advantages content strategy templates bring to the table are: 

  • An elaborate plan to meet your business’ marketing needs
  • A clear idea about the plan and resources required for each content piece
  • Timely creation and distribution of relevant content
  • The ability to track different personas and distribution channels for effective promotion
  • Opportunities to show expertise by creating a structured approach and quality results

When should I use the content strategy template?

A content strategy plan comes in handy whenever you have to create content for the long run. It gives you a simple blueprint you can follow to plan ideas, schedule them, assign them to team members, create content assets, and have them distributed.

A content strategy plan creates a big picture image of how you can manage the entire content marketing process and get your envisioned results. This content strategy is most helpful when creating any of the following assets:

  • content marketing plans
  • website content plans
  • social media content strategy plans
  • blog content strategy plans
  • video content plans

Using a content strategy plan makes it easy to manage your content marketing plan in a linear pattern as opposed to reinventing the wheel for every new task.

What are the features of an effective content strategy?

For marketing departments, an effective content strategy can be the bridge between day-to-day operations and long-term strategic goals. Whether you are aiming to raise awareness or are trying to get more leads, the quality and impact of your content decides how successful you’ll be. 

Any content strategy model must find the perfect balance between substance and structure. You should aim to deliver information that’s not only useful to the consumer but also positions you as the most appropriate solution in the market. Your content strategy must ensure that anything you put out has the following characteristics:

  • Relevance
  • Usefulness
  • Customer-focus
  • Clarity
  • Consistency
  • Conciseness

The work you’ll be able to do with your content strategy plan boils down to the features you have built into your planner. Ideally, you should opt for a tool that helps you plan for both long and short-term, assign tasks, communicate with your team, and track outcomes.

A good content strategy planner should help you:

    • Organize and assign tasks & objectives to manage the execution of your plan
    • Communication with your team via tools like chat, @mentions, and notifications to collaborate effectively
    • Record key details such as your company mission, audience persona, brand guidelines, etc. to guide your efforts
    • Plan different kinds of content and include an emphasis on how they should be created
    • Assign tasks to team members
    • Track outcomes

This content strategy template lets you get started filling in the blanks and build an actionable content strategy plan fast.

Content Strategy Plan Template
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How do I use the content strategy plan within Kissflow Project?

Using Kissflow Project's content strategy plan template is as easy as clicking on the button below and signing into your Kissflow account.
Select the content strategy plan template from among Kissflow Project’s marketing templates.
Enter your action items, order them by priority, and create a plan to suit your specific needs.
Assign teammates to action items and stay aware of progress at every point.

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