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Have a plan to reach a specific goal? Visualize the process, prioritize product releases, and enhance your collaborations with our user story mapping template.
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What are user stories?

A single user story is an informal statement from an end user’s perspective that shows what the client needs. A user story acts as a bridge between client requirements and business values. A user story map connects multiple user stories to give a comprehensive roadmap to the product team and help them visualize what needs to be done.

Why should I use the user story mapping template?

User story maps can create a significant difference in a team’s productivity and help with sprint planning. They keep your team motivated and encourage members to come up with innovative solutions.

Some prominent advantages of user story mapping are it:

  • Focuses on the end-user
  • Allows effective project management
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Brings everyone on the same page

Writing an effective user story

Any good user story will answer these essential questions about any task.

  • Who is it for?
  • What needs to be done?
  • Why is it important?

Most user stories (almost 70%) have the following pattern:

As a [role] (Who), I want to [action] (What). So that [benefit] (Why)

Notice how this pattern has the following qualities

  • It is short and concise
  • It has a clear definition of done
  • It uses personas to understand the end user’s position
User Story Mapping Template
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How to use the user story mapping template in Kissflow Project?

User story mapping in Kissflow Projects is both simple and intuitive. Just sign in and follow this procedure.
Select the user story mapping template from among Kissflow Project’s templates.
Simply enter your descriptions, prioritize each item, and add other details to get started.
Your user story map is ready. You can share it with your team and make necessary changes as required.

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