Sprint Planning Template

Effective sprint planning requires a structured approach with clearly defined priorities and objectives. The sprint planning template can help you with all that and much more!
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An overview of sprints in the Agile Scrum framework

All Agile scrum teams work in time blocks called sprints as they allow them to work quickly and deliver value in continuous iterations. Within a sprint, team members decide on a specific amount of work, take responsibility, and complete their tasks.

There is a lot of planning needed for a sprint in order to balance out the work your team is doing. Effective sprint planning can ensure seamless coordination between team members and can be instrumental to your overall success.

The benefits of using Kissflow’s sprint planning template

A poorly planned sprint defeats the very purpose of using the Agile framework. Is your team struggling because of too many tasks and a lack of clearly defined objectives? If yes, this template can help.

The sprint planning template can help you even if you are new to sprint planning. It will allow you to track your team’s progress, focus on essential tasks, manage workloads, and effectively complete projects on time.

Some of the other tasks you can perform with the sprint planning template are:

  • Maintain a proper structure of work
  • Prioritize essential tasks
  • Import/export data on a single page
  • Ensure transparency and accountability in the team
  • Leverage advanced tracking tools
Sprint Planning Template
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Steps for planning a perfect sprint with Kissflow Project

Kissflow delivers the most intuitive approach to sprint planning without compromising on functionality. To get started with the sprint planning template, just follow these steps:
Select sprint planning template from within our wide offering of engineering templates.
Remember to put all the necessary details your team might need during the sprint.
Your sprint plan is ready! It's time to get down to business and start working.

Take your sprints to the next level with this template

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