Creative Brief Template

A quality creative brief template to simplify the process of creating assets the right way each time!
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When should I use the creative brief template?

Before you sample our winning creative brief template, it helps to understand what use cases it’s best for. Use a creative brief template if you’re creating:

  • Blog posts,
  • Guest posts,
  • Articles,
  • EBooks,
  • Whitepapers,
  • Case studies,
  • Playbooks, etc.

No matter the content type you’re creating, a creative brief template helps you quickly draft out the key points your team members need to remember as they get to work.

What should I provide in a creative brief?

A creative brief should contain the basic details your team members need to understand and get started working on the task they’ve been assigned. These include the following:

  • Basic details of the creative project at hand, such as names, titles, target audience, etc.,
  • References to similar assets they can use for inspiration
  • Relevant technical specifications such as SEO information, word count, software tools preferred for delivery, etc.
  • Deadlines and delivery information
  • Follow-on information in case there’s a need to set things straight

A good creative brief should enable those it’s assigned to get started working on a task with minimal effort.

Creative Brief Template
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How do I use the creative brief template within Kissflow Project?

Making an effective creative brief was never simpler. With Kissflow, you can create a creative brief plan in a matter of minutes. Here’s how:
Select the creative brief template from among Kissflow Project’s Marketing Templates.
Populate all the fields, add new data, and make the template your own.
Your perfect creative brief is now ready. Nothing’s stopping you from testing the waters now!

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