Communications Plan Template

Deliver a clear message to your audience—with measurable results. Leverage an organized layout and clearly outlined sections.
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When should I use the communications plan template?

A communications plan provides stakeholders with information using a policy-driven approach. It formally explains who should be given information, when the information should be given, and what communication channels should be used to relay the information.

When/why should a communications plan template be used?

  • When an organization has planned its objectives and activities
  • To send a clear, specific message with measurable results
  • To provide company stakeholders with vital information and analysis
  • To deliver messages to key audiences in order to develop mutually beneficial relationships
  • To achieve business objectives and maximize performance

What should I look for in a communications plan?

A good communications plan will allow you to deliver information to appropriate stakeholders effectively. It will let you clarify the purpose of a product launch or new business initiative, or save your business in times of crisis. Without a communications plan, you’ll be unprepared when disaster strikes.

A good communications plan should help you to:

  • Effectively deliver information to stakeholders
  • Tell your audience about new products, new initiatives, or crises
  • Persuade and convince your audience about the idea being communicated
  • Explain how the company will connect with the media and stakeholders who can help spread a message
  • Describe an action plan
Communications Plan Template
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How do I use the communications plan template within Kissflow Project?

We’ve made our project communications plan template super easy to use. To get started, click on the button below, log into your Kissflow account, and create your communications plan.
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