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Kissflow's Guide to Project Management

Looking to improve your knowledge of project management fundamentals? You're on the right page. Click on the headings to focus on the area of your choice.

Here's What You'll Learn

Chapter 01

The Basics of Project Management

Learn the core aspects of project management, an overview of project management, its importance, and more.

Chapter 02

The Five Stages of Project Management Life Cycle

The project management life cycle is divided into 5 distinct stages. Read this section for clarity on what these stages are and what they entail.

Chapter 03

Project Management Methodologies and Frameworks Explained

Those new to project management often confuse methodologies and frameworks. Learn how both are different and what some notable methodologies and frameworks are.

Chapter 04

Reasons for Project Failure

Projects failing is, unfortunately, all-too-common. In this section, learn why some projects fail and how failures can be prevented.

Chapter 05

The Importance of Communication in Project Management

Project teams often overlook aspects of communication. This is a fatal mistake and dooms some projects from the start. Learn how to improve communication within your project team.

Chapter 06

Transparency Within the Project Team

Having transparency within your project team can increase the odds of success. Learn why transparency is important and how you can foster a spirit of openness within your team.

Chapter 07

Team Collaboration: Key to Project Success

What is the level of collaboration within your project team? Read on for insights on how to streamline collaboration in your team and make working together a more pleasant experience.

Chapter 08

Project Manager: Roles and Responsibilities

The project manager is a key figure in project management. Read on to learn what it takes to be a great project manager and if you can be one.

Chapter 09

Project Management Skills to Master in 2022

The way projects are handled is rapidly evolving. Learn what skills you need to master this year to ensure project success.

Chapter 10

An Introduction to Agile Project Management

The future of work is agile! Learn about this agile methodology approach to project management and how it differs from the traditional approach.


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