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Software for everyday managers of projects, not just trained project managers

Kissflow Project is blazing fast to keep things moving

Wrike users often experience slow loading speeds. A product that loads too slowly can inhibit productivity bigtime. Our tool ensures that speed is a non-issue.

Supercharge work without getting tied down with tracking

Use our tool to get up and running on your projects in next-to-no-time. Even if you aren’t a trained project manager.

Centralize all your communications and never miss any deadlines

Share project plans, and files in a central hub, your project management software. Get automatic reminders when tasks and projects approach their due dates.

Here’s how we’re different

Simple, customizable & Affordable features that fit your team

Made for non-project managers

If you are a functional manager who needs an intuitive project tool, the solution we have is tailor-made for you. So whether you are a project, marketing, product, design, or sales manager, this tool will help you stay on point without getting in the way.

Core features, none of the clutter

Kissflow Project is all about getting things done and keeping projects on the right track. We believe in providing all the core functionality needed for efficient project management, not in loading on unnecessary features just to raise our price point. We play the game of simplicity!

Affordable pricing for your team

Our pricing structure stands tall in a crowd of project management “suites” loaded with unnecessary features just to increase your cost. With our tool, pay only for the strictly essential features offered.

Intuitive reports to quantify project performance

Kissflow Project offers you access to stand-out reporting capabilities. So anytime you need to measure specific aspects of your projects, we have your back.