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Your team’s base camp shouldn’t be clunky

If Basecamp’s interface feels clunky and unintuitive, your team needs a change. Experience next-level simplicity with Kissflow Project.

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Software for everyday managers of projects, not just trained project managers


Kissflow Project offers a more intuitive interface

Many users feel Basecamp’s interface is cluttered and hard to navigate. On the contrary, Kissflow Project offers an interface that you can get started on in next-to-no-time.


Supercharge work without getting tied down with tracking

Use our tool to get up-and-running on your projects in next-to-no-time. Even if you aren’t a trained project manager.


Centralize all your communications and never miss any deadlines

Share project plans and files in a central hub, your project management software. Get automatic reminders when tasks and projects approach their due dates.

Here’s why you need to look beyond Teamwork


Authentic product feedback from G2.com

It was definitely a bit clunky to use for our more detailed and in-depth projects.


When you have a complete project with multiple people, it can get very confusing.


It still requires a lot more intuitive features that fit our working style.


Here’s how we’re different

tailor-mode tailor-mode-active
Tailor Made
clutter clutter-active
Clutter Free
currency currency-active
reports reports-acitve
Handy Reports

Built with non-project managers in mind

Are you a functional manager on the hunt for a capable project tool? Our solution is crafted to fit your specific needs. Regardless of if you manage a project, or unique initiatives in marketing, product, design, or sales, this tool will help you head in the right direction without getting in the way.


Zero-clutter feature set

Kissflow Project’s prime focus is on getting work completed and keeping projects on the right track. We offer you the core functionality needed for efficient project management, not non-required features simply to increase our pricing.


Pricing that’s best for your team

Our pricing is different from those project management “suites” bloated with unnecessary features just to increase what you pay. With Kissflow Project, pay only for the strictly essential features on offer.


Powerful reports to decipher project performance

Our solution offers access to top-notch reporting features. So whenever you need to measure particular aspects of a project, we have your back.


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