What are the
different Scrum features?

Sprint planning, daily scrums, and sprint reviews, and sprint retrospectives form the four ceremonies of the Scrum methodology. All the features an agile tool should help you perform these events with ease.
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A prioritized list of all the tasks and user stories that need to be completed

Scrum Board

Visualize the work in a given sprint and gives you a summary of the status of all your tasks

Story Points

Tracking story points help your team estimate future sprints with more accuracy


Workflow engines help you automate predictable tasks based on predefined criteria


Burndown charts and sprint reports give critical insights, making retrospectives easy

What are the
different Kanban features?

Kanban focuses on continuous improvement. Kanban tools must be flexible and should convey information visually.
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Story cards

Cards are critical elements of Kanban system and should be customizable to suit your unique requirements

WIP limits

Work-in-progress limits restrict the number of tasks in each stage at any point of time, thereby preventing bottlenecks


Easily understand communication, connections, and handoffs within teams using the swimlane view

Cumulative flow diagram

The CFD shows the number of tasks in each stage, helping you identify bottlenecks

Cumulative flow diagram