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Why Ticketing System is Not a Procurement Software?
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Jeeva & Shakeeb



Weekly Wednesday : 9:30 AM KSA Time, 12 PM IST, 2:30 PM SGT

About the host

Jeeva helps companies to automate and streamline their procurement processes with Kissflow. He empowers procurement teams to get the best out of our platform.

Ticketing tools are not meant for procurement teams.

Almost every company uses a ticketing system these days. Although it might seem like a one-stop shop for all company tasks for various teams, they are not capable of handling procurement. Join us for a mind-boggling discussion on how to move away from IT ticketing tools for your procurement automation.
What you will learn:
  • Are you aware of the bottlenecks you have today?
  • What is your procurement process maturity? And should you look beyond ticketing systems?
  • Kick-start your procurement transformation journey.