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Create an Automated Purchase Requisition Form with Kissflow [4 Steps]


What is a Purchase Requisition Form?

Purchasing requisition form, also known as PR form is an internal document used by employees to order goods or services on behalf of the company. These usually go through an approval process and include office supplies, IT hardware, software, and inventory. Purchase requisition form templates are created by an employee who spots the need and submitted it to their immediate managers and the finance department for approval.

Purchase requisition form templates help to make sure that there’s not a lot of double work in the procurement team by sorting through lots of different PRs. Many of the fields in a purchase requisition form are pretty standard, and a digital template can save significant time and effort.

Automate Your Purchase Requisition Form Template in 4 Steps with Kissflow:

Procurement workflow automation tools like Kissflow let organizations create a fully automated purchase requisition form template without compromising on policy or features

Step 1: Create the app

With our user-friendly visual workflow builder, it’s really easy to create the basic outline of your own purchase request app with online forms, workflows, etc. without coding and just as you want it! Or, you can skip this stage and install an app from one of our 50+ pre-defined templates.

Purchase Requisition Form

Step 2: Customize the form

Once the initial purchase requisition template is ready, you can tweak its fields and add more functionalities to make it completely automated. You can set conditional access, insert formulas, define exceptions, connect a field to a master database, and much more. A digital purchase request template can automatically collect the requester’s name, department, manager, date of the request, and can also add up lines to prevent manual errors.

Simple Purchase Requisition Form Template

Step 3: Implement the Process

Similar to penning down your thoughts on a paper, you can start sketching out a unique workflow for your purchasing process with Kissflow’s drag and drop workflow builder. At this stage, you can add stakeholders, set permissions, and define the process flow, enforce rules, and much more.

Implement the Purchase Requisition Process

Step 4: Publish the app

The final step of the process is to publish the app and invite stakeholders to start using it. Even after the app goes live, you can make changes on the fly if required. With the flexibility to build an app of your dreams, Kissflow also gives you the freedom to plug in content from other procurement applications that you use!

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Benefits of Automating Your Purchase Requisition Form Template

An online purchase requisition app is an all-in-one platform that handles all purchase requests while ensuring compliance and eliminating time lag. A robust purchase requisition form template:

  • Eliminates paperwork
  • Reduces manual input
  • Improves accuracy
  • Offers real-time visibility of purchase requisitions
  • Ensures policy and legal compliance
  • Reflects your purchasing process

Why Use Kissflow to Automate Purchase Requisition Form Templates?

An automated purchase requisition form template automates the purchase requisition process, making it hassle-free for both the requester and the approver. An ideal purchase requisitioning system should be robust enough to handle all the stages involved in a requisition management process: request, approval/rejection, PO creation, managing spend, and analysis.

A good purchase requisitioning system will have the following functionalities:

1. Drag and Drop Design

Create a comprehensive purchase requisition form at the click of a button using a user-friendly, visual form building wizard.

2. Effortless Integration

Connect seamlessly with other procurement software, HR management systems, and more through seamless API integration.

3. Employee Self-Service

Use a cloud-based self-service system to help employees to fill out and raise a purchase request right from their account.

4. Centralized Storage

Store all essential purchasing-related documents on a cloud database for quick access, unparalleled flexibility, and improved security.

5. Pre-Built Templates

Simplify the process with pre-defined purchase requisition templates which the business logic of the entire requisitioning process.

6. Interactive Dashboard

Gain visibility with an intuitive dashboard that offers real-time, user-specific status updates for all people involved in the process.

kpc demo 1


A customizable purchase requisition software can help organizations automate the entire process, save management time, reduce errors, and inject transparency in the process. A cloud-based purchase requisitioning app can solve all problems in the manual procurement process and keep it hassle-free.

Thousands of organizations around the world use Kissflow to streamline their requisition management process. Our user-friendly purchase request app reduces the time and effort your spent by stakeholders on paperwork, centralizes the purchasing information for easy accessibility, lowers any chance of spend abuse, and drives profitability.

Reduce the overall effort and time you spend on purchase requisition forms with Kissflow. Sign up for a risk-free trial and supercharge your purchase requisitioning process today!

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