purchase order automation

Purchase Order Automation

Use our purchase order automation to streamline your ordering process and increase efficiency.

Key features for swift and effortless purchase order automation

Here is a list of non-negotiable functionalities that ideal purchase order automation software must have
Spend insights

Obtain self-service spend insights instantly to arrive at data-driven decisions

Custom reports

Rearrange, hide, and display data based on your priorities and business needs

Timely reminders

Use automated alerts to spot bottlenecks, errors, and delays in PO approvals

Three-way matching

Match POs with corresponding invoice and purchase requests automatically

User friendliness

Set up business rules and workflows quickly with drag and drop simplicity

Control spend

Enforce spend and budget restrictions effortlessly with rule-based workflows

Automate Purchase Orders with a Drag and Drop Interface

Automate POs with a drag-and-drop interface

Having trouble finding automated purchase order software that fits your unique process flow? Frustrated that your IT can’t build one for you?
Automated online purchase order systems might sound complicated. But with Kissflow, you can create seamless apps that function just like you want, all with drag-and-drop technology and no coding.
Capture Purchase Orders in Digital Forms

Capture purchase orders in digital forms

Bid farewell to illegible handwriting, missing purchase order, and endless hours of manual data entry. Transform bundles of paperwork into easily manageable digital forms that can be stored securely on the cloud.
Purchase order automation will capture POs, retrieve key information, and route purchase orders to the appropriate person without human intervention.

Why use Kissflow for purchase order automation?

Here’s what you get when you use Kissflow as a purchase order automation system.

Increased efficiency

Automate repetitive tasks to ensure a smooth execution of PO process

Ensured accuracy

Process POs accurately with reduced manual dependency and human errors

Boosted transparency

Inject transparency in the purchase order process with 360° visibility

Improved collaboration

Collaborate seamlessly with other stakeholders and ensure deadlines are met

Enhanced compliance

Prevent irregularities, discrepancies and variations with a rule-based process flow

Maintained security

Ensure data confidentiality with user-based access and audit trails


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Take back control of your purchase order process

Purchase Order Automation FAQ

What is purchase order automation?

Using software to streamline the approval process of purchase orders is called purchase order automation. The purchase order process is simplified when it is automated instead of using paper forms for purchase orders and manually requesting approval. The best way to scale purchasing in your organization is to automate your entire purchase order process.

Why do you need to automate your purchase order process?

Here are the benefits of purchase order automation:
  1. Scalability:
    An automated system eliminates the need for additional staff and time.
  2. Reduces Costs & Time: 
    By automating repetitive tasks, the team can focus on more meaningful tasks as well as save money.
  3. Eliminates Error: 
    A PO process that is automated reduces risk because everything runs within a predefined and approved framework.
  4. Reduced Risk: 
    An automated process ensures you don't overpay or under order. Plus, it's more secure. Purchase orders are legally binding contracts.
  5. Increased Visibility: 
    PO automation gives you real-time reporting and complete transparency by keeping your data centralized and your systems integrated.