Unlock the potential of automated POs

Gain visibility and improve efficiency by automating your procurement process

All your purchase orders at one place

Spreadsheets and paper documents are prone to lack of transparency. With automation, manage all your purchase orders in one tool and have easy access to any spend information any time, any where.

Bring in spend visibility

Avoid overspending and policy violations with an e-procurement system. It gives you real-time spend insights and helps you keep track of who purchases what and why. But, using disparate tools to manage your POs offer little to no visibility.

Speed up purchase order approvals

Tired of follow up emails and chat reminders? An automated system will notify approvers in real-time and send auto reminders before the deadline. It will empower decision makers with up-to-date spend information to speed up approvals.

Why use Kissflow for PO processing?

Eliminate inefficiencies and delays using a tailor-made procurement software
Drag & drop forms

Create custom purchase order templates with a visual form builder

Aproval Workflows
Approval Workflows

Dynamic, rule-based workflows keep POs moving without any human effort

Cloud storage

Access any PO–open, closed, or archived, whenever you need it

Budget tracking

Get real-time spend insights to make smart purchasing decisions

Seamless Integrations

Easily connect with Quickbooks, Xero, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and more

Approvals on-the-go

Track and approve POs from anywhere, anytime, on any device

Hear what our customers have to say


Kissflow quickened our approval process by eliminating paper forms


Kissflow shortened our purchase approvals from two days to a few hours!


Kissflow is incredibly flexible and user-friendly. It shortened our PO cycle by 75%.


Kissflow enables us to see who is requesting what and when.

Automate your purchase orders to spend smarter