Why companies choose
Kissflow over Procurement Express

Reason #1

Customizable to meet your procurement needs

ProcurementExpress enables users to add new fields. But in Kissflow, you can tailor everything from approval workflows to data fields and report formats to precisely match your purchasing needs.
Reason #2

Go live as quickly as four weeks

Kissflow’s unmatched combination of platform-centric approach coupled with rapid workflow automation and visual form builders can get the procurement suite up and running in a fraction of time.
Reason #3

Monitor vendor performance qualitatively

Unlike ProcurementExpress, Kissflow offers supplier management. You can manage and evaluate the performance of your vendors qualitatively over a range of benchmarks like compliance rate, lead time, defect rate, PO cycle time, and more.
Reason #4

Integrate easily with your existing software stack

Power up your procurement process by seamlessly integrating with other third-party tools like accounting software, financial solutions and more through API integrations and built-in connectors.
Reason #5

Auto invoice matching at no additional cost

Kissflow offers you invoice matching at no additional charges. We want you to pay for what you purchase and eliminate payment errors with 3-way matching. ProcurementExpress charges you $1 for every accurate invoice payment.
Reason #6

Collaborate contextually with stakeholders

Collaborate with all stakeholders from vendors to employees across geographies instantly to inquire about purchases, confirm goods receipt notices (GRNs), and build better relationships.
Reason #7

Real-time Budget Tracking and Spend Reports

One of the limitations of ProcurementExpress is not being able to provide custom reports. With Kissflow, you can get real time spend insights and generate instant reports with customizable parameters.

Hear what our customers have to say


Kissflow quickened our approval process by eliminating paper forms


Kissflow shortened our purchase approvals from two days to a few hours!


Kissflow is incredibly flexible and user-friendly. It shortened our PO cycle by 75%.


Kissflow enables us to see who is requesting what and when.

Manage your company’s spend, the way you want to.

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