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Kissflow Partner Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Kissflow offers various partnerships, including reseller, technology, implementation, and referral partnerships. Each partnership type has unique benefits and requirements.

Kissflow evaluates potential partners based on their expertise, industry experience, customer reach, and alignment with our values and vision. We seek partners committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences and driving mutual success.

The partner company must have dedicated sales, pre-sales, marketing, and delivery teams. The Kissflow’s regional channel managers or account executives will carefully evaluate the profile of partners and select those who align with our vision, solution offerings, and expertise.

While we value long-term partnerships, the following are some rare circumstances that lead to termination:

  • Breaches of the Partnership Agreement
  • Failure to meet performance expectations

We adhere to a fair and transparent termination process, which includes a notice period and the opportunity for resolution discussions.

No, Kissflow does not take any revenue from implementation charges. Partners who provide implementation support for customers gain 100% of the service revenue.

Payments are processed via bank transfers after receiving the appropriate details.

Partners earn a percentage of the revenue generated from their sales efforts. The exact percentage varies depending on the type of partnership and the product sold. Our team will provide more information during the onboarding process.

Yes. On the achievement of above USD 1.2 million in new business in annual recurring revenue in a single year, Kissflow will the ex-showroom price for a Tesla car.

*This is subject to terms and conditions

The Kissflow partner program provides comprehensive enablement initiatives to empower partners to grow alongside the platform. Four key enablement initiatives included:

  • Product enablement- Training, certifications, and workshops 
  • Sales enablement
  • Domain enablement
  • Marketing enablement - Partner-exclusive resources

The regional channel managers or sales managers will empower the partners with necessary sales training and collaterals to position Kissflow's capabilities in the market. Domain-specific training is also provided to build credibility and help partners deliver exceptional customer value.

Our partnership program offers a range of training and certification options to ensure that partners are well-equipped to succeed. These include online courses, webinars, and in-person training sessions. Some certifications are free, while others may have a nominal fee.

Our onboarding team will give you access to the partner portal, where you can register all leads. Detailed instructions will be sent in the onboarding kit.

Kissflow provides partners with:

  • A comprehensive set of tools and resources to enhance lead-generation strategies 
  • Training and certification courses to maximize lead generation capabilities
  • Extended support from our marketing team to implement collaborative initiatives such as webinars and events to generate leads

Yes, Kissflow includes robust analytics and reporting features within the Partner Portal that allow partners to track the performance of their lead-generation efforts. Partners can track lead conversion rates and refine their strategies to achieve better results.

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