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FAQs for Kissflow
Partnership Program

If you’re a BPM consultant or a reseller that specializes in SaaS and PaaS solutions, you’re at the right place.

Fill out this form with as many details as possible. Our onboarding team will review your application and reach out to you.

All partners must sign a partnership agreement in order to officially become a Kissflow Partner.

No, Kissflow does not levy any charge on its partners. Instead, we pay you incentives as you bring in clients.

In cases where you bill the clients locally, we’ll let you retain the commission amount and send the rest to us.

Commissions for attributable revenues for each quarter will be transferred to the chosen bank account on the 1st of the next quarter.

Payments are processed via Bank transfers after receiving the appropriate details.

No, there are no limits on the commission that you can make.

  • Silver Club
  • Gold Club
  • Sapphire Club

Depending on your performance, you can advance from one tier to another. We look at sales, marketing initiatives, outbound lead generation, and customer satisfaction among others.

In order to get listed in the Kissflow Partner directory, the partner must move to a higher tier i.e. become a Gold or Sapphire partner.

Our onboarding team will give you access to the partner portal where you can register all leads. Detailed instructions will be sent in onboarding kit.

Registering a lead ensures that other partners and our in-house sales team do not contact the same lead and you get exclusivity to it.

The lead is assigned to you for 90 days from the date of lead registration. It’s important to get the channel manager’s approval for registering an outbound lead.

Become a Kissflow partner today!