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Updates to Kissflow PWA

Dec 1, 2022
Small Business and above

Kissflow Work Platform’s PWA is getting a makeover. The UI has been updated in this next app version to increase the visibility of the Home and Explorer pages. The Teams feature will be deactivated temporarily to make way for an improved Spaces feature in the coming months. For the time being, your team chats will be combined under Chats. Your existing feeds and forums can still be accessed via the web version of Kissflow. The following menu options will now appear in the main menu bar: Home, Tasks, Explore, Chats, and Notifications.


What’s changing?

Home page

Unlike the previous version, the new Home page is easily accessible from the menu bar. All of the processes, boards, and apps that you've recently viewed can now be seen on the Home page. You can also add items to your processes and boards.

Explore page

The Explore page can now be accessed from the main menu. You can also access all your apps, processes, boards, and datasets from the Explore page.


These changes will go into effect by the last week of October.