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All new Space and Improved Chat

Dec 10, 2022
Small Business and above

The new and improved Chat comes with exciting new features and enhancements to meet your collaboration needs.

What’s new


Spaces let you collaborate using dedicated tabs for chat conversations, discussion forums, media and file management, and streams of contextual conversations, all on a single canvas. Learn more about spaces here.


You can now create four types of groups with varying privacy levels

  • Instant Group - lets you start discussions instantly without providing a group name or any group settings
  • Open Group - facilitates open conversations where users can join directly or request to join
  • Closed Group - helps you engage in closed conversations while also allowing you to collaborate with external members through the new Wall feature.
  • Secret Group - lets you carry out completely discreet conversations. These are undiscoverable and invite-only groups.

The Group Wall feature in Closed Groups allows for two-way collaboration with members outside the group. While closed groups are undiscoverable, other users in the account can search and find the group wall for the respective group and start conversations with the members. As a result, you can carry out contextual external collaboration without exposing any sensitive information from the group.

New features

This update brings in new features to enhance your experience and help you solve your extensive collaboration challenges. You can now

  • Pin messages in your chat
  • Star messages and find them under Starred messages for quick access
  • Record and share voice clips that can be transcribed and translated
  • Find all your shared media under group info
  • Format your text using the new Rich Text Editor and add in-line messages, code snippets, links, and more
  • Add hashtags to messages and find all tagged messages with ease using the enhanced Search
  • Take down notes, create to-do lists, and more with Self Chat.
  • Reply to messages and create threads right under the messages.

What’s changing

  • Your existing teams will be converted into spaces.
  • Forums in a team will be merged into a single forum in the new space.
  • Feeds will become streams of hashtags.
  • The Polls feature will be temporarily unavailable, and an enhanced version will be released in the future.