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Launching Kissflow Analytics

Sep 1, 2022
Corporate and above

Kissflow Work Platform has undergone significant changes over the past year. The work platform’s goal is to unify and reinvent digital operations in businesses of all sizes by covering a wide range of use cases with an array of features. This involves integrating several functions, such as process management, collaboration, and more, into a unified platform. This also means managing a large chunk of data from various business units. To streamline processes and optimize operations, teams require deep insights and analysis of their data.

While the current Reports under Kissflow Process help to achieve this, the insights gathered are confined to a single process alone. This is when the need for a standalone analytics module became apparent. So, following extensive research and development, we’ve taken the first step in meeting that demand by launching Kissflow Analytics. With Analytics, you can keep track of workflow performance, uncover data trends, and optimize operations by creating cross-process reports, reports over child tables, and more.

What’s under the hood

Combine data from two or more processes

You can now combine data from multiple processes using SQL query to create Dataviews, over which you can create reports. You can also combine data from a process and its child table.

Reports over child tables and datasets

Apart from processes, you can now create reports on top of individual child tables and datasets. You can also combine data from a child table and dataset and create reports over it.

User workload report and All items report

You can now track SLA breaches and other workload metrics by creating reports like User workload report and All items report.

Who can access Analytics

All existing and new customers of Kissflow Work Platform can request to get Analytics provisioned for their account by contacting Support. Customers of other Kissflow plans can access Analytics by upgrading their plan to Work Platform.

To learn more about Kissflow Analytics, check out our help documentation and all the frequently asked questions.

Also, check out this video that provides a walkthrough of all the features.