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Introducing Service Accounts

Account Administration Integrations
Feb 20, 2023

A service account is a non-user account that you can use to automate integrations, access shared resources from outside your account, or approve Kissflow items on your behalf. They can also be configured to impersonate users and perform actions. Service accounts can access shared resources such as My Items, User and Group Management, Processes, Boards, Datasets, Integrations, and Chat based on the use case. Each action by the service account is audited in a dedicated audit log, allowing Account Admins to govern them.

You can create up to 25 service accounts in a Kissflow account. Under each service account, you can create up to 50 access keys that you can use to authenticate actions in integrations.

Ways you can use Service Accounts:

  • Configure integrations between two processes to consider the initiator of the item in the first process as the initiator of the second process rather than the integration owner.
  • Authenticate Integrations with service account credentials, so they run seamlessly and do not fail when the integration owner is deleted/deactivated from Kissflow.
  • Automate other tasks and actions in Kissflow without any manual intervention.
  • Programmatically access internal Kissflow resources from outside Kissflow.

To know more, check out our help documentation.