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Introducing Kissflow App Store

Dec 13, 2022
Corporate and above


The Kissflow App Store hosts a wide array of pre-built applications designed and developed by Kissflow specialists for different business use cases. While you can quickly build your own apps using the Work Platform, the Kissflow App Store can help you cut down the time and effort even further by delivering ready-made applications with features like role-based views and dashboards for common use cases ranging from Employee Management to OKR and more.

With the App Store, you can 

  • Install free and ready-to-use apps.

  • Inquire about apps that can be provisioned according to your business needs.

  • Submit app requests if you can’t find the app you’re looking for.

You can access the App Store from the left navigation menu of the Work Platform, find the app you want to install, and click Install. Once installed, you can assign users to different roles and get started.

Note that an app can be installed only once per account. While everyone in an account can access the App Store, only Super Admins can install apps.

Check out our video and help documentation to know more about Kissflow App Store.