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Kissflow Governance

Account Administration Platform
Jul 21, 2023

Introducing Governance, a new module exclusively for Super Admins to instantly gain complete visibility into their Kissflow account with just a few clicks. 

Super Admins can now get detailed insights with dedicated audit logs for each user, device session history, flow access details, and more. They can monitor user actions such as attachment downloads, form prints, and exports and detect suspicious activity in the account.

Apart from users, Super Admins can now govern flows like processes and boards from a centralized dashboard. Key metrics such as active, idle, and externally connected flows give an overview of flow usage across the account. Each flow gets a detailed dashboard with activity history, public form status, lookup settings, and audit logs. 

Additionally, Super Admins can see all the API keys and access keys created in the account, along with their status and expiry.

Find out what more you can do with Governance from our help docs.