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Child Table Import

Oct 26, 2022
Small Business and above

Child tables can be a great addition to your Process forms. They help you collect data in an organized manner. But when users are working with large amounts of data, manually entering them into child tables can be tedious. You can now solve this challenge using the new CSV import feature in child tables. This feature allows your form users to import up to 1,000 rows of data at a time from a CSV file.

As a user, all you have to do is upload the file inside the form, and Kissflow will automatically map your CSV headers and columns with similar names in the child table. You can also map them manually. You can choose to delete existing rows, if any, and upload new rows, or you can upload rows without affecting the existing data. In the event of errors in rows, you can choose to skip importing the rows in question or cancel the import. While importing, Kissflow will check for errors and also verify field validations. Even if there are empty rows in between, Kissflow will intelligently skip those empty rows and continue importing. This saves you time and effort and in turn, drives up efficiency.