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Improved User Management Table

Dec 30, 2022
Small Business and above

We’re introducing some changes to how user details in Kissflow’s User management table can be updated. Account and User Admins can currently edit the data in any field in the table by double-clicking it. As a result, changes to user data may be made accidentally.

To ensure that these kinds of errors are entirely mitigated, and your user information is secured, we’re implementing a table view that allows admins to select a particular user and edit all their details in a separate panel on the right side of the screen. Current Kissflow Work Platform users will see existing modifications take effect in the fourth week of November.

We also intend to retire the Employee management table and migrate all its data and functionality to the User management table. With this update, you’ll be able to find all your user-related data in one place. This is not an immediate transition, and a tentative date will be communicated later.


Image A - Current user management

Image A - Current user management



Image B - New user management table