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All-New Kissflow App Builder

Dec 18, 2023

Kissflow app builder is revamped with a fresh and user-friendly interface. 

Enhanced and uninterrupted app development experience with tabs:
The new App Builder offers the convenience of developing multiple app features simultaneously in separate tabs. This means that you can work on one page of your app and simultaneously modify a process by navigating from the left panel. The process opens in a new tab, which allows for easy editing. You can switch between these tabs without any loss of progress.

Modular components for enhanced flexibility: 
You can now easily drag and drop flow components from the library without having to select a source flow first. This means you can change the source flow of a component without affecting the page layout.

We have revamped the left navigation panel and introduced new features and styling options to customize your app according to your needs, with a wide range of styling choices.