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27 Mar 2024

Why is it important for CXOs to master the art of AI-Culture fusion

Spokesperson : Suresh Sambandam
Why is it important for CXOs to master the art of AI-Culture fusion

Even though artificial intelligence has been around for decades, its popularity and usage shot higher after ChatGPT. 

According to recent reports from MIT, 75% of organizations experienced improvements in team morale, collaboration, and collective learning as a result of AI, highlighting its transformative potential within organizational ecosystems.

In this recent article for Edge Middle East, Sindhu V Kashyap discusses the growing use of AI in organizations worldwide.  Suresh Sambandam, CEO at Kissflow shares his insights on the critical role that leadership plays in shaping organizational culture and driving AI adoption.  

“Cultivating a culture of innovation requires leadership commitment, education, and adoption at all levels of the organization.” 

Read the full article here.

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