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25 Oct 2023

Government alone cannot make the startup ecosystem successful: Kissflow CEO

Spokesperson : Suresh Sambandam
Government alone cannot make the startup ecosystem successful: Kissflow CEO

Suresh Sambandam, Founder and CEO of Kissflow, details why the Government alone is NOT responsible for the start-up ecosystem's success in his recent interview.

 “The needs of the startup ecosystem are very high and the government cannot pull this off," Sambandam said. "If you look at ecosystems like Silicon Valley such as in Bangalore, it is growing purely because of private, non-governmental activities. So, the government alone cannot make it successful."

 Sambandam said that funds like TANSEED (Tamil Nadu Startup Seed Grant Fund) and grants for Scheduled castes and tribes would create a lot of momentum and inclusiveness around the mindset of entrepreneurship. Tamil Nadu Startup Seed Grant Fund is the flagship initiative of the Government of Tamil Nadu to support early-stage Startups with Seed Funds of 10 Lakh Rs each to up to twenty startups.

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