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23 Aug 2023

Digital transformation solution reaches major milestone for a contractor at Sellafield

Digital transformation solution reaches major milestone for a contractor at Sellafield
Twelve months represents a key milestone in the use of Kissflow at the contractor

London, United Kingdom, August 23, 2023 - A digital transformation project has reached its first year of operation with the companies involved celebrating the first anniversary of the implementation of Kissflow for KAEFER UK at Sellafield, modernizing their timesheet, commercial and payroll processes.

KAEFER is a global company with over 30,000 employees, providing leading technical industrial services in Industry, Marine & Offshore and Construction. Through their long-term presence on the Sellafield site, including the SIS Framework incumbency, KAEFER partnered with Unleashed to streamline and automate their payroll, commercial, and timesheet processes through the implementation of Kissflow, an innovative operational transformation platform. The partnership has enabled KAEFER to improve its operational efficiency, accuracy, and overall process management in line with the company’s LIFT2026 Strategy and ongoing LEAN journey.

Kissflow provides a low-code work platform for enterprises to transform business operations digitally. Kissflow brings enterprise IT and business users together to transform operations by embracing the low-code/no-code paradigm. Kissflow enables every enterprise user to build and manage apps, processes, tasks, analytics, integration, and collaboration in a single unified platform.

“We are thrilled to have worked with KAEFER UK’s Sellafield team to bring Kissflow on board,” said Chris Rogan, Managing Consultant at Unleashed. “Building on our success with other contractors, we have used Kissflow’s simple but advanced tools to digitize previously manual processes for a key nuclear supply-chain partner. In the past year, we have made over 17,500 timesheets and approvals fully electronic with KAEFER saving countless hours of data entry and chasing.”

Kissflow has made it easy for KAEFER to automate tasks, reduce errors, and meet commercial and contractual requirements. With the platform’s flexibility, the company has customized payroll, commercial, and timesheet processes to fit their needs. This has reduced the person-hours required for processing, which they can now use for high-value activities that improve their efficiency and delivery.

Jonny Hirst, Project Manager at KAEFER Sellafield added “With Unleashed’s help and advice, we have managed to tailor the Kissflow platform to our existing processes, facilitating a seamless transfer. As a result, we have realized vast efficiency savings through the management of workflows and automated approvals in a painless transition from previous methods. The success has encouraged us to explore further opportunities Kissflow can provide to digitalize the work we do on-site.”

Importantly, Kissflow has received excellent buy-in from the front-end users from the KAEFER team, with positive feedback on its ease of use and ability to streamline their daily work. Jonny continues: “Kissflow’s advanced technology has allowed KAEFER to take our processes to the next level, freeing up valuable resources and time for the business. This is providing tighter integration between ourselves and our client and ultimately contributing enhanced value to stakeholders.”

Twelve months represents a key milestone in the use of Kissflow at the contractor. Having been in use for many thousands of timesheets, it has collected a huge amount of data on where the hold-ups and efficiencies can be made. This is where the two companies will use that insight to accelerate further transformation.

About Unleashed:

Unleashed IT Ltd, headquartered in Manchester, founded by Cumbrian entrepreneur Chris Rogan in 2011, is a leading provider of innovative technology solutions for businesses in the construction and nuclear industry. Unleashed is dedicated to empowering our clients to streamline their processes, increase efficiency, and enhance their overall productivity. With our expertise in Workflow automation, we offer our clients a range of solutions to help automate their manual tasks, reduce errors, and meet regulatory requirements. Our flagship partner, Kissflow provides a low-code platform for enterprises to digitally transform business operations. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients and our ability to deliver bespoke solutions that meet their unique needs.

For more information about both Unleashed and KAEFER, and their services, please visit www.weareunleashed.com and www.kaefer.com

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