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08 Sep 2022

Businesses could let ‘citizen developers’ resolve some of their tech needs

Spokesperson : Suresh Sambandam

Some of the less complex tech processes can do with easy fixes

Today’s economies – national, regional – are melding to become global because of digitisation. But to take full advantage of this, nations and their businesses must be agile. Customers can be anywhere, as can employees. To operate competitively in such an environment, organisations must empower employees with the digital tools they need, as and when they need them. The digital enterprise must become an app factory.

Some of the region’s business stakeholders have grasped this, but they must confront a skills gap. If an employee spots an opportunity to streamline a process, their potentially value-adding idea may have to join a long queue of pending change requests, as the IT department only has so many coders on hand to help.

The UAE National Program for Coders is one initiative launched to resolve this shortage. Join the league of happy customers who trust Kissflow.

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