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Kissflow dominates the G2 Momentum Grid for DPA


Digital process automation (DPA) software has increasingly become the go-to resource for many organizations working towards their digital transformation goals. What sets DPA tools apart from RAD is that they truly empower the citizen developers. They essentially:

  • Provide digital process automation capabilities
  • Facilitate end-to-end case management features
  • Incorporate some level of intelligent automation
  • Provide low-code application and workflow development capabilities

So, it’s really no surprise that Kissflow ranks the highest with a score of 4.3 out of 5 and has outpaced all other players in the category. G2’s Momentum Grid identifies products that are on a high growth trajectory based on user satisfaction scores, employee growth, and digital presence.

So how does Kissflow meet the evolving needs of users?

  • Increases productivity, to allow workers to focus on higher-level, human-centric tasks
  • Boosts efficiency by giving teams the automation tools they need to succeed
  • Provides a low-cost, feature-rich, turn-key solution that comes with elaborate support.