Bridge your people, processes,
and technology

Kissflow lets you automatically push, pull, and schedule data transfers from
internal and third-party tools
integration hero

Let your applications work harder for you

Whether you want to use a pre-built connect or customize your own, Kissflow is ready for you

Expand what you thought was possible

Integration features that connect all of your data seamlessly

Smart synchronization

Maintain a single version of the latest data across all tools

Instant triggers

Set automated triggers to share data and start actions with external applications

Granular permissions

Share confidential information securely using custom controls

Intuitive dashboard

Search current and archived content across every channel

Powerful plugins

Connect Kissflow with over 1,000 business apps instantly through Zapier

Kissflow fits perfectly into your custom software stack

Easily connect your digital workplace with all of your essential tools–CRM, ERP, document management, and everything in between


Unleash the potential of your
business with a digital workplace.