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Verisys: Automating Approvals In Healthcare Services.

Team Kissflow

Updated on 19 Mar 2024 2 min read

Process tracking is essential to every organisation, a lot more essential if the organisation deals with healthcare. Although most organisations have structured process flows for easier governance, the task of manually updating and tracking processes is time consuming and error prone, making the effort futile.


Verisys, located in Utah, is an organization that has been closely associated with healthcare departments since it’s inception in 1992. Verisys provides it’s clients with health care professional data aggregation, primarily for regulatory compliance and risk mitigation products and services. With its range of products and services, Verisys helps combat frauds in healthcare insurance industry.  

Organisations like Verisys are bound to see numerous approval processes day in and day out. Although some of these processes may not be directly associated with the line of business, they remain crucial for the organisation’s functioning. Any lapse in approval process can result in delayed service, the consequence of which may not be desirable.

Tracking Approvals:

Falling Through Cracks: Every process traverses through series of approvals as it progresses. Typically these approval processes were carried over perpetual threads of emails from process initiators, moderators and approvers. When you have hundreds of emails piled up in your inbox, overlooking a few doesn’t seem a big deal, but at the cost of processes getting delayed? Surely, no organisation in the service industry would want any delay in their processes, let alone the ones in healthcare management services.

Automating Approval Processes: Eric Rooks handles purchase approvals at Verisys. Coordinating between initiators, approvers and moderators for each approval request was exhausting and tracking process status grew impossible. Eric found the key to this quandary in automating approval processes and sought for a system that enabled him to automate processes with ease.

Automating Approvals With Kissflow HR Cloud:

Months after Verisys adopted Kissflow HR Cloud for automating approvals, we got in touch with Eric. Eric had not only automated the Purchase approval process but had helped the HR department  by automating their Employee Onboarding and Offboarding processes too.

” Kissflow has made life easier for us..” Eric Rooks – System Administrator at Verisys Corporation

With process reports available on Kissflow HR Cloud, the HR department at Verisys is now well informed of it’s existing employee base. Process reports also help the HR department in improving the recruiting process.  The ability to follow reports has enabled accountants to track and overlook purchases all by themselves, without having the need to trouble the purchasing department anymore.

Eric has automated the processes at Verisys all by himself and continues to assists people in his organization automate processes. This simply reinstates the ease with which organisations can create robust processes with Kissflow HR CLoud. Cheers Eric!

With Kissflow HR Cloud being HIPAA complaint, organisations in the healthcare and healthcare management service industries now have a simple solution to streamline and automate workflow processes.