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The Handbook to New Onboarding Checklist for Best Onboarding Experience

Team Kissflow

Updated on 23 Apr 2024 3 min read

Human resources department stands directly in the line of fire at the competitive business battleground. Here, organizations fight tooth and nail to secure their most valuable resources— skilled workforce. But, the war for talent doesn’t end after successful hiring and HR can’t discard their armour just yet. They have one more battle to win: onboarding.

Lousy onboarding practices can jeopardize all the hard work that went into recruitment. As per a recent SHRM report, an effective onboarding can retain 69% employees upto three years. To create a structured onboarding program you need to streamline your onboarding workflow and onboarding checklist.

Employee Onboarding Workflow

However, manual onboarding solutions can make the process tedious and time-consuming. So many things happen behind the scenes when an employee reports to work on their first day. Several organizations have trouble in being ready for the arrival of a new employee, this is where onboarding checklists and workflow come into play.

Here’s all you need to do know before you standardize your onboarding process.

What is an onboarding workflow?

Onboarding workflow is the moving parts of an onboarding process. An Employee onboarding workflow is what keeps information flowing from one department to another and brings all stakeholders up to speed on their respective role in the onboarding process. Everything from the input tasks to the approvals that make the onboarding process smooth is a part of the onboarding workflow.

As onboarding is filled with multiple checkpoints and input/approval tasks, it is difficult to ensure that no step is skipped or missed. So, most organizations have a handy onboarding checklist to keep track of tasks that need to be completed. However, you can’t rely on a paper-based checklist and email reminders to keep things organized.

Emails can get lost in the inbox flood and paper forms can be misplaced. Sticking to archaic practices in the age of technology, can make your tech-savvy new hires vary right on their first day. Companies can address all their onboarding hurdles by embracing automation. Automation onboarding checklists can eliminate process silos and act as a catalyst for employee retention.

Onboarding checklist

Why automate onboarding checklist?

Wouldn’t you be impressed if an organization is well-prepared for your arrival the minute you walk through the door on your first day at work? Manual onboarding might seem easy to handle but as an organization grows in size, things start to go downhill. It becomes nearly impossible to offer the same onboarding experience to all new hires.

Making a jittery new hire hassle from one department to another to complete their onboarding process will do more harm than good. Let’s not forget the HR staff. They burn out all their energy in keeping everything organized during onboarding. Paper pushing and manual workflow management will only add to their administrative burden.

An automated workflow will pass on the onboarding application from one stakeholder to another automatically obtaining all approvals. Automated checklist ensures that everything sticks to the pre-defined process flow and nothing falls through the cracks.

Level up your onboarding checklist with Kissflow HR Cloud

A good employee onboarding checklist plays a major role in deciding whether your new hire becomes a happy camper or a hiring horror story. Kissflow will make your employee onboarding templates effective and easy.

The ready-to-use onboarding app in Kissflow HR Cloud will map the specific tasks of the employee onboarding checklist to the appropriate stakeholders, eliminate paperwork, save time, and make the onboarding experience memorable.

Organizations can automate all the crucial and time-sensitive aspects of onboarding with Kissflow’s cloud-based onboarding software. Its easily-configurable workflow and pre-built templates (based on industry best practices), accelerate the implementation of your onboarding strategy and ensure a consistent onboarding process across all channels.

Using Kissflow HR Cloud, you can make your new hire’s first day memorable with a customized, orchestrated, and automated onboarding process.

1.  Configure the Employee Onboarding App

Configure the employee onboarding app to your account from the list of hr-apps pre-built in Kissflow HR Cloud and then you can customize the onboarding checklist, fields, and tasks in the workflow to your needs.

2. Get employee data

Once the employee onboarding app is configures, you can start a new onboarding in a single click. New hires enter their details ONE TIME, and all departments can all use the same data to complete their systems and tasks. No more paper onboarding checklists or templates.

3. Validate and Approve

HR can review information, validate details, and approve data as it goes from department to department. Everyone stays in the loop and the HR team can monitor the progress of the employee onboarding process.

4. Connect with other departments

Instead of a marathon of paper forms, departments use existing data to ensure new hires are connected to your systems and have all the tools they need such as email accounts, access keys, and direct deposit details.

Take your onboarding process to the next level with Kissflow. Sign up today for a free demo and one-month free trial.

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