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A Successful New Employee Onboarding Plan For Your Hires

Team Kissflow

Updated on 24 Apr 2024 2 min read

Imagine getting a job at one of the fastest growing startups companies in your industry. Everything about the experience sounds like a dreamland: competitive pay, equity options, and a chance to be on the forefront of something really amazing.

You reach the new trendy office on your first day and strain to find a familiar face. Someone finally notices your lost puppydog look and asks you what you are doing there.

“Today is my first day.”

“Oh really? I didn’t know about that. What is your name? Are you sure it is today?”

You spend the next six hours swiping through your Facebook feed while waiting for the IT guy to find your computer and someone to put together a makeshift desk.

Not exactly the start you were hoping for. Is this a sign of things to come?

Stand out in Startup Hiring – Plan New Employee Onboarding

One of our clients works in the website and application monitoring field. In the last few months they went from a team of 10 to a team of 100. When they were small, it was easy and exciting every time someone new joined the team. A few face-to-face conversations and emails is all it took to make sure new people felt welcome and were onboarded properly.

However, when you are adding dozens of people per week, it seems impossible to achieve the same kind of intimacy and connection. Lots of emails fly back and forth and things simply fall through the ever-widening cracks. This company was starting to lose their reputation as a great place to work as new hires felt like they weren’t welcome on their first day.

They knew the employee onboarding process could be solved with a workflow automation, but how could it be implemented?

Searching High and Low

The company looked over dozens of new employee onboarding tools and even tried using SharePoint. However, they found it hard to create what seemed like a simple onboarding workflow, and the technology and consulting costs were piling up. Email conversations with the consultant were spread over months just to make small changes to the workflow and it ended up taking much more time than it ever saved.

That’s when Kissflow HR Cloud came into the picture. Within a few days, the internal team had created their own onboarding plan exactly the way they wanted it without any expensive consultants. The forms were intuitive and easy to understand.

Kissflow HR Cloud’s support team was ready for even the simplest of questions and helped the company get up and running in no time. They showed the company how to integrate Kissflow HR Cloud with Zapier which made it even more powerful and user-friendly.

Why they love Kissflow HR Cloud

This startup has a lot of favorite parts of about Kissflow HR Cloud. They love the flexibility it offers and how easy it is to change Onboarding forms and onboarding process templates instantaneously without contacting any support teams or consultants. The Admin features of Kissflow HR Cloud also make it stand out as a fantastic tool for any growing business.

Kissflow’s HR Cloud simple pricing has saved the company thousands of dollars and they know what to expect every month, even if there is a need for additional support.

Rolling out the Red Carpet

Now, when someone joins the company, their desk is perfectly set up on their joining date, complete with their new laptop opened to some simple instructions on how to set up their email and other onboarding tools. New employees can still feel like someone went out of their way to make the initial experience special, even if the same thing happened to five other people that day too.

Take it from someone who had to spend months finding the perfect onboarding solution and nearly giving up – of all the employee onboarding softwares out there, Kissflow HR Cloud is the best when it comes to support, features, value for money, and ease of use.

Take a free demo and learn how your company can start amazing your new hires by working smarter and spending less.

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