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The Employee Feedback App That’s as Easy as Using Tinder

Team Kissflow

Updated on 24 Apr 2024 3 min read

Flick your thumb left and you dismiss a prospect profile in Tinder. Flick it right and you might have a match you can go out on a date with. 

But can an employee feedback app be similar to using Tinder? Employee feedback apps have come a long way in terms of processing data and usability. A simple employee feedback form can’t do the job anymore. Just like how swiping right in Tinder means you are signaling approval to a prospect, communicating the right kind of assessment results to an employee speaks volumes to them about how they are performing at their job.

Let’s take a look at how an automated feedback app can help your HR create a better workplace environment and improve employee engagement.

Employees like to feel pampered

The world’s best companies to work for have a robust employee feedback system in place. There’s a simple reason why technology is so important in organizations that lead the pack. Humans are social creatures, and they depend heavily on communication as a source of motivation.

A good HR software is an undeniably crucial artifact to this end. In the absence of such a feedback tool, it’s likely that employees will face disconnect with their work and workplace.

Here’s a simple example of how the poor use of technology affects a performance review. A poll conducted by Fortune magazine suggests that 57 percent of CEOs believe their workers are regularly recognized. Only 9% of said workers feel the same way.

At the same time, personalized and relevant reviews are keys to boosting engagement. A higher level of engagement is a massive goal for every single organization today. Enterprises that have highly engaged employees see a 40 percent reduction in employee turnover, three times higher operational income, an 18 percent higher productivity, and a 16 percent increase in profitability.

So, what does it take to find a good employee feedback app

Statistical data leads to two logical conclusions. The first one is that performance assessment is of paramount importance. The second one is that you have to use employee feedback tools properly in order to see effective results.

In order to improve the feedback process, you will need to introduce a few fundamental changes in your current methodology.

Here are three of the most crucial steps:

1. Provide actionable information

Don’t shy away from giving specific inputs. Despite using a high-quality employee feedback module, you will get mediocre results from the review process if you don’t touch upon the essentials.

This means some preparation for every single conversation that you have to carry out with your employees. Highlight positives and the areas that have noted improvement from the last review. Don’t mince words about the problem areas either. If you give candid feedback in a constructive way, self-motivated employees will be eager enough to seek improvement.

2. Set milestones

An annual review is great but it is often insufficient. Instead, you may want to set reasonable milestones and provide employees with feedback upon the completion of each. It’s a good idea to come up with an internal review process. Set a timeframe for the collection of information and peer reviews.

Let employees know how frequently they can expect feedback for the purpose of moving forward with projects more successfully.

3. Automate, automate, automate

Just like Tinder, a good employee feedback process runs on the power of automation. When you automate HR workflows, you allow a machine to take care of the mundane part of your processes while you focus on the bigger picture. This boosts HR’s productivity, reduces the risk of errors, and encourages creativity.

Embrace technology as soon as you can because you will improve communication, build detailed employee profiles, and base your feedback information on the intelligence collected via employee feedback modules.

Corporate lessons from tinder when choosing the perfect employee feedback module

An employee feedback application isn’t the same as Tinder but the dating and hookup app sheds a lot of light on what contemporary technology can do.

A simplified, automated mechanism can take a lot of guesswork out of the equation, whether you’re looking for love or using employee feedback tools. Banking on the right data and setting up the right process often leads to a rewarding experience that’s mutually beneficial to the business and its employees.

Don’t be afraid to automate some aspects of employee performance reviews – choosing the right technology can make a monumental difference in the long run. Employees are the most important resource of the company. Investing time to know who they are and figuring out ways to help them on their self-improvement helps your business increase employee retention – a true love story with a happy ending.

Automate your employee feedback process with Kissflow HR Cloud

An automated employee feedback app is crucial to offer your employees the motivation they need to put their best efforts possible. But most HR tools today force organizations to do this process manually.

Kissflow HR Cloud enables businesses to harness the power of technology to provide their employees the care and maintenance they need to keep performing effectively. Its built-in employee feedback module provides actionable insights and triggers a tailor-made performance improvement plan—all in real-time. 

Businesses can personalize the module, tweak employee feedback forms, and automate process flows to align the feedback process with their performance metrics. Using the employee feedback module, businesses can track individual performance trends, enable ongoing development, and generate custom reports.

Sign up for a free trial of Kissflow HR Cloud to enjoy the benefits of building and sustaining a feedback-driven culture.

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