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Employee Feedback

3 Ways To Improve Retention Using An Employee Engagement App


Employee engagement has become a buzzword for successful organizations over the last decade or so. Every company wants it, as they discover the business benefits that it can yield. However, actually achieving employee engagement can be tricky. Let’s take a look at the fundamental principles behind employee engagement, and how you can use the power of technology in the form of an employee engagement app to drive employee engagement in your business.

Why Is Employee Engagement Important?

The impact that great employee commitment can have on an organization cannot be understated. Employees who are happy in their roles feel committed and loyal to the organization. In turn, they are often passionate enough about their job to go the extra mile for their company and their customers, which contributes to a successful business. That’s why improving employee commitment is increasingly seen as a critical business objective.

Organizations that put their employees at the heart of what they do often see the results across their business. For example, engaged employees often provide the best customer service, have higher productivity rates, and are less likely to leave their job. It’s no surprise that all of these factors have the potential to contribute to improved business performance.

How Can My Organization Improve Employee Engagement?

We know that committed employees can be essential for business success. But achieving it isn’t always so straightforward. Here are some ideas to drive your team’s satisfaction levels:

Ask for Feedback

Before attempting to ‘fix’ employee engagement in your organization, it’s a good idea to measure it first. Giving an employee engagement survey across your workforce is a great way to gauge the satisfaction of all employees, and to find ways for the organization to improve. You can then target your efforts suitably, to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Coach Employees

The relationship between employees and their immediate line manager is a fundamental link in engaging them. Coach and train line managers to communicate clearly, constructively, and frequently with their team. Give them the tools to praise and reward their employees, and help them identify the warning signs of a disengaged team.

Keep On Measuring

Continue to measure employee commitment as part of your business strategy so that it isn’t forgotten. The only thing worse than not asking employees for their feedback is asking them for it, and then not acting on it.

Improve Employee Engagement Using Technology

Modern workplaces have more technological tools at their disposal than ever before. Used right, technology can support your business’ employee engagement strategy in a number of ways.

First, and possibly most importantly, you can use it to achieve faster, smoother, and more effective communication. For example, collaborative working can be achieved much easier with employees who have access to instant messaging, video conferencing, and other platforms to communicate on the go with their colleagues and managers.

Online, mobile learning is another innovative way to use technology to motivate and engage your teams. This gives them access to on-demand training courses, bite-sized learning modules, or online coaching/mentoring to keep them challenged and focused, all from the comfort of their laptop or smartphone through an employee engagement app.

Automating Engagement Workflows Using an Employee Engagement App

Luckily, measuring, analyzing, and improving the employee commitment of your teams has never been easier, thanks to the latest range of related apps. You can wave goodbye to manually sending out and collating feedback, and say hello to a smoother, slicker process. An employee engagement app analyzes the data so that you can quickly and easily make the changes that you need to give feedback to employees.

From the perspective of your team members, an employee engagement app gives them the flexibility and freedom to give employee feedback regularly and on the go. This means that they are more likely to feel that their employer is genuinely interested in listening to their views and opinions. Potentially, this will give employees the confidence to be honest and constructive in their feedback.


In an increasingly competitive environment where even the best organizations compete to recruit and retain top talent, utilizing state-of-the-art functionalities that an employee feedback app can offer you is the smart way to stay ahead of the game and ensure that your employees are motivated, engaged, and committed to your organization. And, as it’s clear to see that the most engaged employees uphold the most successful organizations, is it really a concept that you can afford to ignore in your own team or business?

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