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How an ATS Can Streamline End to End Recruitment Process

Team Kissflow

Updated on 28 Feb 2024 4 min read

Over 40 percent of companies now use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to screen candidates for job openings and 94 percent of recruiters believe that ATS has positively impacted their hiring process.

A good ATS has the power to completely transform the entire end to end recruitment operation of an organization and make it more profitable, efficient, and productive. Implementing ATS helps you in streamlining your recruitment and selection processes and recruiting employees in a better way.

How does an ATS handle end to end recruitment process?

1. Posting job descriptions

You need to figure out the exact hiring needs of the organization and create a job description that clearly explains the job role and responsibilities before you start recruiting employees.

With the job description created, all you have to do is post it on multiple job boards. While manually posting job ads on different websites can get time-consuming and even lead to errors, an ATS can automate the entire process by letting you post on multiple places with just one click.

2. Selecting

When you receive a flood of applications, an ATS can streamline the entire hiring process by sorting through the applications to make sure no good candidates fall through the cracks. Hiring managers can review filtered applications which can help them identify top candidates more easily and recruiting employees in a seamless way.

3. Interviewing

Setting up interviews can be a nightmare for the HR department. After all, it relies on the availability of the applicant, HR manager, and the other interviewers. An ATS tool automates the entire interview scheduling process so that you don’t have to go back and forth on emails just to finalise a time.

4. Offer management and onboarding

Creating and sending a formal offer letter to the candidate requires approval from several people to ensure that all the terms of employment and expectations are absolutely clear. An ATS can automate the entire approval process and help you track the progress of the offer letter in a transparent and consistent way. You can also manage the onboarding process for new hires with an ATS.

The top 5 end-to-end recruitment applications

1. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is an applicant tracking system (ATS) for small to mid-sized businesses. It is a freemium tool with both free and advanced paid features. The recruitment app can automate job board posting, parse resumes and store them, customize company careers page, schedule interviews, and streamline hiring workflow. You can also pre-screen candidates and give them a dedicated portal to access their current job status.

Pricing Plan: The free plan is extremely restrictive and would only be suitable for very small companies that don’t have any budget for recruitment at the moment. There is limited integration with other third party apps. The support is only 24/5 and the interface has a very minimalistic design.

2. Kissflow HR Cloud

Kissflow HR Cloud is a customizable HR software that can manage all the HR tasks including recruitment, onboarding, employee management, and exit process. With multi-levels of control and diverse range of functionalities, Kissflow gives your HR team and employees a single platform to access all of your data.

Kissflow HR Cloud’s recruitment module allows you to create an internal talent pool, post job ads on multiple websites with a single click, manage everything through a dedicated dashboard, get performance insights, and create customized onboarding workflows.

Using a unified HR suite instead of just an ATS allows you to store all the data in one place. Its saves a lot of time and effort at your end since you don’t need to transfer data of the selected candidates to a different employee management platform. It also becomes easier to contact previous candidates in case there is a suitable job position for them which can cut down on hiring time.

Pricing Plan: The pricing of Kissflow HR Cloud starts from $690/month for 100 employees.

3. BambooHR

BambooHR’s applicant tracking system has a user-friendly interface which allows the HR team to collaborate easily. Hiring managers can post their own feedback about the candidates and send emails to candidates directly through the tool.

Pricing Plan: There is no fixed or transparent pricing for Bamboo HR’s recruitment app. You have to contact the company directly with your requirements to get a quote.

4. iCIMS Recruit

iCIMS offers candidate marketing, applicant tracking, sourcing, recruiting, and onboarding features.

iCIMS can be overwhelming for new users to work through the interface. Needless to say, the learning curve is longer. There is a lack of one-click solutions. Its takes a lot of navigation and multiple clicks to get where you want to be.

Pricing Plan: Just like BambooHR, iCIMS recruitment only provides quotes after you directly reach out to them.

5. Workday Recruiting

Workday Recruiting ATS provides features like application tracking, recruitment database, candidate management, and resume parsing. The recruitment app also allows you to use analytics in order to make better offers to candidates. The pricing of the tool is set according to the number of modules and users, so it varies vastly.

Pricing Plan: Workday does not disclose pricing on its website. Interested people have to directly contact the company for pricing

Why employers need to focus on giving a blissful onboarding experience?

The onboarding process helps employees get up to speed with the other employees who have been in the company for long. This, in turn, helps them achieve higher productivity levels since they are not left alone to figure out everything on their own.

In fact, without an effective onboarding checklist, it can take anything from eight to 12 months for new employees to reach their optimum productivity levels which can lead to a loss of 1-2.5% in the total revenue.

It is also important to note that while some companies spend only 2 months or less on onboarding, the best and most effective onboarding processes are the ones that last for 6 to 12 months.

Find the right applicant tracking system

The goal of ATS is to organize and speed up the hiring process and reduce bias, unconscious or otherwise. It is important for organizations to pick the right ATS tool, as the wrong one can create more problems than it solves.

Kissflow’s HR Cloud provides end to end HR management right from application tracking to interview scheduling, onboarding, managing employee benefits, and offboarding.

Sign up for a free trial to know how Kissflow HR Cloud can help optimize your company’s end-to-end recruitment process.

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