Give Your Travel Requests a Digital Makeover

Use the power of workflows to kick out manual inefficiencies

Automate the Entire Travel Request Process

Using KiSSFLOW’s easy-to-use visual platform, create a dynamic travel request approval workflow that captures key data and lets you keep track of all active requests

Install the prebuilt travel request application with an automated form to capture request data, or create your own from scratch.

Drag and drop elements; tweak the process to just the way things work for you. Add conditions and exceptions as required.

View the status of any travel request instantly and ensure that each item goes through all the necessary approval steps.

Make instant changes to your form and workflow to eliminate bottlenecks, add more automation, and streamline your requests.

Why Users Love KiSSFLOW

See the KiSSFLOW features that make travel requests easier, making them a seamless, error-free process.

Drag and Drop

Simply drag and drop form fields and get started right away

Highly Customizable

Tweak pre-built apps to your preference, or create your own

Powerful Mobile Capability

Track the entire travel request process from your smartphone

Alerts & Notifications

Get notifications to your phone when your forms collect data

Easy Integration

Integrate KiSSFLOW with other Finance Software tools that you use

Find Out How KiSSLOW Adds Value

Travel requests are one of the most popular applications on KiSSFLOW, and users see huge productivity gains!


Savings in documentation costs1


Faster information access


Boost in team efficiency 2


Greater productivity

The Preferred Travel Request App

  • Having an easy-to-use app has simplified previously tedious approvals like hotel stay expenses, airplane ticket approvals, and travel expense reports.

    Juan Carlos Calderón Tapia, Servitron
  • Our previous system was so difficult to use that we lost a lot of potential candidates. They didn’t want to go through the process because it was so cumbersome.

    Amy Davey, Project Manager, World Vision

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