Why Are Travel Expense Forms So Important?

With Kissflow, you can tailor your travel expense tracker based on how your organization handles travel reimbursements. It’s a simple, visual-based approach that lets the people in travel and finance departments get things done quicker, more efficiently, and without any coding knowledge!

Benefits of Streamlining Travel Expense Forms

Automated travel expense forms eliminate a lot of obstacles that slow manual processes down

Benefits of Streamlining Travel Expense Forms

Automated travel expense forms eliminate a lot of obstacles that slow manual processes down

Clear Reimbursement

Prevent confusion in reimbursement and tax calculations

Policy Adherence

Adhere to policies on travel modes, eligible ticket classes, and more

Happier Employees

Seamless expense filing makes reimbursement faster and employees’ lives easier

Streamlined Logistics

Simplify even complex factors like credit cards, tickets, and accommodation

No bottlenecks

Faster approvals with quick reviews and confirmations.

The Steps in a Travel Expense Approval Workflow

With Kissflow, travel expense reports are a simple 5-step process. Using a visual interface you can either create a new travel reimbursement app or pick a template, then customize it to fit your organization’s unique way of processing travel expense claims.

The Features That Transform Your Travel Expense Claims

Visual Interface

A clean, simple layout – design forms, fields and more with ease
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Relevant Notifications

The right updates to the right team members, right when they need them
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Handle every last claim from anywhere, with just a smartphone
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Drag and Drop

Editing is easy too, simply drag and drop the elements you need
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Easy Integration

Use Kissflow in conjunction with other software solutions
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Custom Reports

Drive powerful actionable insights with fully customized reports
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Ineffective Travel Expense Claim Processes Cost Real Money

These statistics show clearly how automation, made possible by tools like Kissflow, can give finance business processes a huge boost in speed, costs, and efficiency. By claiming travel expenses powered by this tool, you get these handy benefits.

Speed of traditional forms

Automated processes are 45% cheaper

Reduced Time Taken

Information access is 2x faster

Higher Documentation Cost

Documentation is 40% cheaper

Increased Productivity

ROI earned on automated processes is 176%

Business Users Love Working With Kissflow

Business Users Love Working With Kissflow

Streamline Travel Expense Claims With Kissflow for Finance

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